Thursday, May 31, 2012

Snapguide - Create Step By Step "How To" Guides

Would you like to quickly show the world how to prepare gazpacho that would make Samuel L. Jackson proud? Or demonstrate how to change out the wiper blades on your HondaSnapguide is the way to go.

While searching for free iPad apps for an upcoming presentation, I came across this wonderful little gem. It's called SnapguideSnapguide is a free iPhone app that allows you to create a step by step "How To" guide about anything right from your iDevice! Your guide can then be published to the web and viewed on many web enabled devices!

Here's how it works. 
1. With your iDevice, take a few photos or capture some video that demonstrates each step in your "how to guide"
2. Add text and/or audio to your steps to provide more detail.
3. Publish to the web. 
4. Share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

It's that simple. I made one in about 20 minutes. Take a look!

How can students, teachers and even tech support use this little gem in the classroom?
1. Students create their own visual tutorials about a particular concept or idea
2. Students submit a guide demonstrating the mastery of a skill
3. Students create a visual guide on the steps taken in the scientific process
4 . Student publish interactive digital stories
5. Teachers post homework guides on their websites or blogs demonstrating how to solve step by step sample problems
6. Teachers develop an interactive scavenger hunt by posting visual clues with directions on how to accomplish a task
7. Tech support posts guides for teachers explaining how to troubleshoot or perform a task