Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shared Whiteboard Space on Google Docs

What is it:  I am an avid fan of Google Docs and they now have a new feature! Google Docs now has the option to create a "shared whiteboard space" called Google Drawing.  Google Drawing allows for the collaboration process to happen, on a blank drawing space, in real time.  If you are familiar with Google Docs, the privacy settings are the same as other documents.  You, as the creator, are allowed to adjust these settings and it is up to you to decide who has access to view or edit the document. The Google Drawing can be published to a blog or site and it will be updated in real time!

How to integrate it into the classroom:  This is a wonderful tool for those who have an interactive whiteboard! This will allow multiple classrooms to interact with each other using one document in real time.  Each class can provide input and the other classes can see it happen. Students can work different math problems or answer questions that are provided by the other class.  Involve Skype and the possibilities are endless!


  1. Check out this new white board – http://whiteboard.megascopes.com/. It is lightning fast, many people can use it simultaneously and it is evolving quick. The only thing you need to use it an HTML5 compatible web browser. No login or registration is necessary and it is completely free.

  2. Cool! Interaction through smart boards no longer takes place just inside the classroom; now, anyone around the globe can take part in active discussions. This kind of note sharing and feedback gathering definitely makes learning more interesting. I’m really impressed with these innovations!

    Sam Jephson


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