Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Virtual Field Trip With Microsoft's Photosynth

What is it:  Microsoft's Photosynth takes photos, mashes them up and creates a 3D scene out of them! Photosynth allows you to pan in and out of several two dimensional images, stitched together and create a three dimensional experience. This one allows you to "walk around" a statue of Anne Frank.

How to integrate it: With MS Photosynth, you have the ability to create a virtual field trip for your students. Need to take your students to Philadelphia but you live in Austin? No problem. You could always just whip out a photo of Independence Hall that you found on Google, put it up on your IWB and viola! Instant field trip, right? BORING. With Photosynth, you can take a "walk" in and around the building that our forefathers once set foot in. Take a look a the example below.

If you DO have the opportunity to take students on a field trip, have each student take pictures of the trip and upload them to Photosynth to create a collaborative interactive presentation.

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  1. SO neat! Can't take a field trip out? Bring the field trip in.


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