Monday, March 8, 2010

Post Student Work Easily With Embed It In

What is it: is a resource that anyone can use to embed their documents into blogs or websites. There is no account set up and it's simple and free.
  • You choose the document that you would like to embed and will ask you to sign in with one of your existing third party services (Google, Yahoo, Twitter, etc.)  
  • can provide you embeddable code for the document itself, a thumbnail for viewing or just get a link for access to your document. 
  • There are also privacy settings. You decide if you want viewers to be able to download, save and print your document.
  • You're even given the option of adding annotations! 
Once you choose your options, will provide you the embeddable widget code to place into your blog or site. It's pretty simple.

How to integrate into the classroom: This is an extremely useful resource for educators to use when creating their classroom blogs or websites. is great way for classroom teachers to recognize their students' hard work and achievements. Students themselves can use to post their class projects or homework assignments on their personal blogs for teachers to view or for the purpose of collaboration. 

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