Friday, March 5, 2010

Spell With Flickr

What is it: Here's a simple site called Spell With Flickr.  This site allows you spell words using images taken from the photo sharing site, Flickr. Just type in any word and the site will search Flickr for you.  If you don't like an image that it pulls up for a particular letter, just click the letter and a new image pops up! You can save each individual letter and add it to a document or project. What's also great is that Spell With Flickr will also provide you with the HTML code to embed the image into your blog or website.

How to integrate into the classroom: Here are some great classroom uses.
  • Have students practice spelling words
  • Students can produce creative titles for projects
  • Letter recognition activities
  • Teachers can create titles for bulletin boards or word walls
  • Elementary students can create unique alphabet books

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