Thursday, May 27, 2010


What is it: A colleague of mine, ITS Happening, shared this with me today.  It's called Bookr.  It's a site that allows you to create photobooks from images found on Flickr.  You type in the tags of images that you are looking for and it searches for you.  You select the images that you want to use and then type in some text.  Very easy to use. Here's my example I made in about 2 minutes. I was thinking about summer already.  The only downside is that you are unable to save it so that you can edit it later.

How to integrate it into the classroom: There are many useful ways to integrate Bookr into the classroom. Here are a few suggestions.  Please feel free to suggest more.
  • Retell an event in history in your own words and using images that make it a little more interesting
  • Student can share an event that happened in their life that was important to them
  • Students can develop their descriptive writing 
  • Teachers can create a book of problems or scenarios with images to guide the learning
  • Practice inferencing in a story
  • Students can create a science journal over a concept just learned
  • Once a narrative has been written, students can then add images to go along with it

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