Monday, May 24, 2010

Interactive Whiteboard Manipulatives - Glencoe/McGraw Hill

What is it: Publisher McGraw Hill has a great math resource for your interactive whiteboards.  It's an web page with virtual manipulatives that student and teachers can use to introduce or reinforce math concepts from Pre K to 8th Grade.  You can customize the flash-based site to fit your learning experiences!  Choose from different backgrounds such as game boards, work mats or story boards.  You can then set up or solve a problem by choosing from a set of virtual manipulatives.

How to integrate it into the classroom: An obvious way for teachers to use this tool it to reinforce a concept previously taught.  Here are some other suggestions:
  • Student explanation of how they solved homework or classwork 
  • Set up as a learning or discovery station
  • Student providing the instruction with their own lessons
  • Students creating problems for others to solve
  • Basic practice of concepts
  • Story starters for Language Arts lessons
  • Student collaboration on solving math problems

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