Monday, May 24, 2010

Create A Virtual Tour With Google My Maps

What is it: Google My Maps allows you to create points of intrest, with personal descriptions on a Google Map. You can then draw lines, that include the distance, to connect your points of intrest! Google My Maps then creates an HTML code and link to embed into your blog or site. You can choose to make your map public or unlisted.  If you choose to share it with other, you can all contribute points of intrest.  Here's  a video explaining how to create a Google My Map.

How to integrate it into the classroom: Here are some suggestions on how to integrate your Google My Map into your classroom learning experiences. 
  • Virtual tours of historical locations
  • Students can provide feedback on a recent field trip by plotting and describing a location they visited
  • Students can plan a field trip by organizing the route and providing descriptions
  • Outline the plot location of a story for a writing assignment
  • Create math problems that require students to measure distances
  • Create geography lessons that allow students to provide descriptive feedback on locations
  • Revisit a route settlers might have traveled
  • Students can create a project that plots locations that their ancestors traveled

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